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Winter Heat loss
Summer Heat Gain

Through Ceiling        25%-35%   

Through Windows   10%-20%

Through Walls    15%-25%    
Through Floor         10%-20%
Airleakage                15%-25%

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We are insulation and weatherization experts dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools for bettering your home and improving your energy costs! 
We provide a free heat loss analysis. 
We'll save you energy and money, while making your home more comfortable
Custom insulation work with careful installation by experienced professionals is guaranteed! 
Our business operates the old fashioned way by providing quality workmanship at a fair price. 
We care about our customers to use only the best products to insulate your home.

 An uninsulated or improperly insulated home is subject to considerable winter heat losses and summer heat gains.

Benefits of Insulation:

1.          Comfort is improved year-round
2.          Heating and Cooling costs reduction up to 55%
3.          Insulation typically pays for itself in just a few years
4.          Reduced need for heating and cooling saves non-renewable resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
5.          It virtually eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings
6.          Most insulation materials also improve soundproofing.

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Air Sealing

Air leaks can be found in a lot of homes, and they have a huge negative effect on your efficiency. Cracks, small holes, and penetrations made in your home for plumbing, electricity, wiring, lighting, and ducts can all be points of entry and departure for air. Your heated and conditioned air can get out through these openings, and cold or hot air can get in, making it more difficult to achieve your preferred temperature in your home. By sealing any of these infiltrations we can significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency. Our Envelope Professional and air sealing technicians are trained to identify and fix problematic air infiltrations. We’ll reduce air leakage as much as possible, while still leaving sufficient ventilation needed to maintain fresh air indoors.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Energy Efficiency

  • Unsealed cracks and holes in your home can lead to drafts, which make it difficult to either heat or cool your home. You could be losing up to 20% of the energy you’re using to heat or cool your home to these holes. Air sealing will greatly increase your energy efficiency. Meaning you’ll be spending less on your monthly energy costs, and you’ll be helping to conserve energy and reduce pollution.

Improved Comfort

  • Making it easier to heat and cool your home isn’t just good for your energy efficiency. While you’re paying less each month for your utilities, you’ll also find it easier to keep your home more comfortable.

Indoor Air Quality

  • When your home is more properly sealed, there’s less of a chance for any outdoor pollutants to make their way inside. So the amount of humidity, pollen, dust, and pests that can enter your home is reduced, and the air inside your home will be safer to breathe.

Common Air Leak Locations

  • Most of the places in your home that are allowing air to escape will be hidden. Windows and doors can easily be places for you to lose air, but it’s more common for air leakage points to holes and penetrations through your home that aren’t quite so apparent. These spots can be difficult to get through—it’s often best to take care of them during the construction of your building—so you’ll need the help of our Envelope professionals to find and repair them. Our experts have the tools and the know-how to get this job done, and no matter how difficult the task is, we’ll make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible.