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Lead Technician


- minimum 2 years in home improvement field

- BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional certifications


- BPI Multi-Family Certification


- DOE Assessors

- OSHA 10 (preferred)

- LRRP (preferred)

Applicant(s) must be:

- familiar with program, tools, language, and process

- willing to undergo a training period under the company owner's scrutiny

- willing to learn multiple programs

- comfortable with all testing

Interested in joining our team? Fill out the appropriate form below for the designated positions. 

Please be advised should anyone be called in for an interview the following must be provided:

- A valid driver's license

- Proof of certifications (if applicable)

- Resume complete with at least 3 professional references and 2 personal references (professional references are preferred)

- All candidates are subject to a Background check

Field Technician


- no experience is necessary but preferred

- BPI Building Analyst and/or Envelope Professional certifications (preferred one or both)

- OSHA 10 (preferred)

- LRRP (preferred)

Applicant(s) must be:

- willing to get certifications as soon as classes and funding are available

- familiar with a smart phone or tablet usage

- able to take direction