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Energize Connecticut's Home Energy Solutions Program (HES) 

Let our experts from Better Building Performance, LLC. (BBP) give your home an Energy Assessment. Do you ever wonder how much energy you lose through leaky doors, windows and duct work? Do you suspect that your insulation isn’t making the grade? What about your major appliances? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an expert give your home an energy Assessment - and do some of the work right then and there? You can. In one easy visit, BBP certified technicians will evaluate your home’s energy performance and install energy-saving measures such as sealing air leaks and installing energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads. The technicians will also provide written recommendations for deeper energy-saving measures such as insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling, water heating, windows and appliances. To help you in making smart energy choices, your recommendations will include information on rebates and financing along with payback and investment information specific to your home. 

Customers serviced by both the United Illuminating Company and Eversource as well as their subsidiary companies are eligible for the HES program as they automatically pay into the program funds through their utility bills. Customers utilizing private utility companies cannot partake of the HES program. 

Please be aware co-pays and subsequent lighting fees are subject to change at a moments notice under the discretion of the utility companies. Better Building Performance, LLC is in no way responsible for the monetary compensation the customer has to pay as the amounts are dictated solely by the utility companies. 

Better Building Performance, LLC.

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