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Appliances - Washer & Dryer

  • If you need to replace your washer, choose an ENERGY STAR model with front-load or horizontal axis features. They use less electricity and water than other models.  There is a ENERGY STAR model of this type for every household budget.
  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water rather than hot, and rinse in cold water. The temperature of the rinse water has no effect on cleaning.
  • Always fill the washer and dryer to capacity whenever possible. If you must wash smaller loads of laundry, use the proper water level for each individual load.
  • Follow detergent instructions carefully.   Overusing actually reduces effective washing action and may require more energy in the form of extra rinse cycles.
  • Fold your laundry immediately after drying to reduce the need to iron.
  • Dry your clothes on an outside line whenever possible.
  • Dry all your lightweight clothes together to shorten your drying cycle.
  • Dry two or more loads in a row to take advantage of the heat from your dryer.
  • Keep the outside vent of your clothes dryer clean. A clogged vent lengthens the drying time and increases the amount of energy used.
  • Clean your dryer filter and exhaust vent regularly. When they become clogged with lint, your dryer works harder and uses more energy. Cleaning these will also help to prevent dryer fires.