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      Who is Eligible?

Residential customers of EverSource, UI, CNG, SCG and Yankee gas who meet income-eligibility requirements may qualify for this program. To determine if you are income-eligible, locate your family size on the chart below and the dollar amount next to it. If your family’s combined gross annual income does not exceed this amount, you meet the state’s 60 percent income median and qualify for the program.

Income Guidelines for the 2014-2015 Fuel Season - Gross Annual Income

                Family Sizes                   60% State Median
                                 1                                    Under $32,515
                                 2                                    Under $42,519
                                 3                                    Under $52,524
                                 4                                    Under $62,528
                                 5                                    Under $72,532
                                 6                                    Under $83,537
                                 7                                    Under $84,413
                                 8                                    Under $86,289

Assets, like your home and car, are not included.

You may also qualify if you meet your utility’s hardship criteria. Please contact your us to find out more.

Applying is easy. Contact us for an Application and we'll help you with the process.

If you rent your home, your landlord must complete the Landlord Service Agreement that is included with the application.

If you have received an HES energy checkup on your home within the last 18 months, you may not be eligible to participate again.

If your family’s combined gross annual income is above the state’s 60 percent income median, you may qualify to participate for just $99